They’re not just childhood fancies — they’re how we get our hope back

January 2023

What do we do when work-life balance just isn’t logical?
I'll be your host, let me show you around

November 2022

I'm Emily. This is a storytelling platform about changing the way we think, talk to ourselves, live in the world, and build a life worth living.

September 2022

What a kid can teach you about all the productivity lies you tell yourself A few years ago, I came across a mental practice that saved my sanity, my…

May 2022

It might be time for us all to have the year we should have had. We've been living with the pandemic and its consequences for years. We've had a hot vax…

April 2022

A few weeks ago, I wrote a piece on startups that got way more attention than I expected. Little ol’ me over here, writing to my ~100 subscribers…

March 2022

When startups fail, we give them more money; when entrepreneurs fail, their lives are over (This is the second article in a series about what I learned…
The startup takeover of the entrepreneurial experience misses some really important stuff

October 2021

Blended families are on the rise in almost every country, as divorce rates go up and marriage rates go down. Yet most policy — across countries …