"When you start from nothing you’re always one disaster away from it." - that's some beautiful writing, thank you :) I'm glad that you broke March, and not the other way around, because how can that be.

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This about broke me. I’m honored to be your partner in our beautiful, messy life. To watch you grow into and start to see yourself as the simply breathtaking woman you’ve always been. I could not be more proud of you. Breaking the things that need to be broken, that don’t serve you and that actively hurt you. We didn’t break, and we won’t because of the growth and positive disintegration that you are doing right now love. Thank you for being you.

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Loved it Emily. This was a brave piece and I admire your courage to take us through the m/o of March for you. Mu biggest takeaways were the last 3 lines -

"I have an incredibly beautiful life. Just as it is.

Everything I love doesn’t break.

Everything that breaks me I can live without."

Beautiful 👌 Thanks for writing this one..

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Thank you for sharing and being willing to open up, Emily! I really admire your courage and transparency, and I'm so glad you're taking care of yourself and writing again. You've got this!!

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